Drive Confidently with Paint Protection Film

LLumar® paint protection film makes it easy to keep your car’s finish looking like you just drove off the lot. Paint protection film effectively stands up to flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand and more. We offer multiple finishes, innovative 2-in-1 products, and go-to favorites, all of which are self-healing, extensively tested, and factory-backed. Decide what coverage you need, select your product and take any road with confidence.
Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.
The durability and level of hydrophobic property can be influenced by environmental conditions and other variables beyond Manufacturer’s control (e.g., road treatment chemicals and cleaning substances/frequency).

Drive Confidently with Paint Protection Film

LLumar® Valor paint protection film gives you the self-healing protection of premium PPF with a ceramic-style finish in a single product. An ultra-glossy finish that repels so much dirt and water, it practically cleans itself—that’s called hydrophobicity.

Valor offers a strong shield for your car’s exterior against all kinds of road hazards. We back Valor with a manufacturer’s limited 12 year warranty because it’s made to stand up to nature’s worst for many miles.

Restyle Any Vehicle’s Finish with LLumar Select Black Paint Protection Film

Most paint protection film is designed to enhance durability and blend in with your finish – but not LLumar® Select Black PPF. It’s a premium PPF that changes the look of any underlying color to a rich, glossy black. It offers tough protection and lots of customization opportunities in a single product. Go for a full wrap, stripes, accents on mirrors, spoilers, or the hood. The choice is yours.

Whatever style you choose, you can be sure your new look will get the attention it deserves. Select Black PPF gives you all the protective benefits of LLumar Platinum Gloss or Matte PPF.

LLumar Select Black PPF:
⦁ Defends against rocks, salt and other road debris
⦁ Self-heals scratches with heat from your engine or the sun
⦁ Features HydroGard™ top-coat that resists dirt and discoloration
All with a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty* to protect your investment.

Select Black Paint Protection offers durability and looks with just one upgrade. It’s a great value compared to custom paint. Stronger and more protective than black vinyl. Perfect for car owners looking for these features with added originality.
Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details.


 Platinum Matte Paint Protection Film

LLumar® Platinum matte paint protection film transforms your vehicle’s finish with serious defense against damage and a custom style statement. If your car has a flat finish, this PPF will blend right in. It can also be used to alter the finish of any glossy automotive paint. Optical clarity ensures your color will stay true. Plus, you’ll get the full benefits of premium PPF protection just like you do with LLumar Platinum gloss PPF.

Even with its flat finish, LLumar Platinum Matte effectively beads water. It features our hydrophobic HydroGard™ top-coat to repel moisture, help fight stains, and enhance durability. LLumar Platinum Matte also self-heals surface scratches with heat from an engine or the sun and stands up to all kinds of threats to a car’s fresh finish. No more worries about flying rocks, winter salt, sand, dirt, bugs, oil and more. Drive with confidence. This PPF is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty*.

*Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details. 


Gloss and Matte Paint Protection Film

The more you drive, the more you risk damage to a new or freshly painted vehicle. Add a layer of LLumar® gloss or matte paint protection film to help keep your shiny or flat finish safe from everyday road damage. Our road-tested PPF is like invisible armor, ultra-thin yet able to stand tough against rocks, debris, dirt, insects, and other threats to a fresh finish.
LLumar PPF is designed to blend right in with either factory or custom paint, making it nearly invisible. This gives you the freedom to wrap every painted surface on your vehicle or mix and match coverage areas. You can protect more vulnerable areas such as the front hood, bumpers, door edges and side-view mirrors.

For a restyle with no repainting required, fully wrap your glossy paint with matte LLumar PPF. It will give you an unmistakably custom, flat look.
Both matte and gloss finishes of LLumar PPF are self-healing, durable for thousands of miles and protected by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. * This is our assurance to you that your investment in paint protection is worth it, and that it will last. 

Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details. 

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort, Style, and Protection.

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